Another Wyoming Road Trip – Days 5 & 6

After the football game on Saturday, we drove up to the Snowy Range. Amanda and Evan had made reservations for us at a cabin at Little Brooklyn Lake. The following two pictures is what it looked like as we headed to the Snowies.

When we got to the cabin and unpacked, we took a short walk down to the lake. The fog/snow had begun and made for some beautiful pictures.
This was the scene from our front porch. We did not enjoy meals at the picnic table! :)
Bubba and Seamus had so much fun running around in the snow. Molly didn’t much like getting cold.
What can be said about this picture? Maybe cute?Since our oven didn’t work, we had to cook our sweet potatoes outside on the grill. Tommy and Evan shared the cooking duties.The O’Tooles (minus Penny who didn’t make the trip to the cabin). Pretty much the whole time Molly was outside she stayed inside someone’s jacket. She was pulled out for this family picture.Molly took over Bubba’s bed and loved it when it was right in front of the wood burning stove.We did not see much in the way of leaf color. This tree was just outside Centennial.

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