Day 1 – Going to see Ian Tyson!

Amanda called us a couple of weeks ago as soon as she had heard that Ian Tyson (of Four Strong Winds fame) was going to be performing at the University of Wyoming. As I’m sure that our good friend Julian will agree (since he’s driven with Tommy to Wyoming), Ian Tyson is one of Tommy’s favorite performers. It didn’t take much convincing by Amanda in order for Tommy to agree to drive back to Laramie for the concert. And, Amanda got us second row tickets!!

On our usual route out west we go from Atlanta to St. Joseph, Missouri on the first day. It is a pretty boring trip. About the only highlight is seeing the Arch in St. Louis. I think it’s as exciting to me on each trip as it was the first one. I will never go up to the top, but I do think it’s pretty cool.

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