Hall & Sara got hitched!

It’s been a week since Hall and Sara got married. We had such a fun time at the Bridesmaids’ Luncheon at the Swan House. Here I am with Amanda, Doris, Abigail and Anne. I don’t have a picture yet of us taken with Sara.

Amanda and I left the luncheon and headed to Marietta. We had to stop and get 25 balloons to decorate the room at the Strand Theater in Marietta where the Rehearsal Dinner was being held. It seemed as though when we’d put 3 balloons in, 1 would pop. The van was smack full of balloons.

We were pretty tired from the day.

On Saturday, we got up and dealt with a nervous groom-to-be. Most of us were wishing that the ceremony would have been during the day rather than a 7:30 start. There would have been less dealing with the pain in the rear. I do say that lovingly, but Hall could not sit still and was a bear. :)

Here we are — the Penns and the O’Tooles. What a happy day it was for us!

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