Day 3, Part 2 – Highway 30 Barn Tour

In case you didn’t know, the 100th Meridian is at Cozad, Nebraska!

We continued on Highway 30 through Nebraska from Cozad to Roscoe. We stopped there to get pictures of these old buildings.

I wonder what Chamberlins was–a restaurant, a general store?

While I was trying to find the right place to take pictures of the above buildings, I found this cool looking thistle. I’ve never seen one quite like this.

The sign says, “World’s Largest Purveyor of Vintage American Windmills and Parts”. Just in case you need parts for your windmill.

We drove by this school and turned around to go back and take a picture. The big white “tube” at the rear of the building was the fire escape. In the case of a fire, people would slide down the shute to get out of the building.

We saw some places where they didn’t actually bale the hay. Rather, they put it in big round things. Tommy kept asking (to himself), “How do they get the hay to where they need it?”

We stayed on Highway 30 for a long time and decided to drive up and around Lake McConaughy. On that drive we came across a farmer who was out working on his irrigation system. So Tommy stopped and talked to him about their process of irrigation for a while.
When we finally arrived in Wyoming we saw some windmills that were actually working!

We got to Laramie around 3:00 p.m. local time. Unfortunately it was just a short time after that we got the sad news that Terry had been in a serious swimming accident. After staying only 18 hours with Evan and Amanda, we turned around and headed for home.

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