Day 4 – Going to see Ian Tyson

At some point over the last year Tommy, while reading the Cheyenne newspaper, found an article about the Devil’s Creek hike. This trail is 6.6 miles through the Platte River Wilderness area. He put this on his list of things to do while we’re here. Evan, Moose, Molly and Bubba decided to go along with him. Following are pictures taken either by me (truck driver from one end to the other) or Tommy along the hike.

This looked somewhat like a dandelion, but it had the yellow “buds” at the end. It was pretty cool looking.

Amanda and I stopped along one of the dirt roads we had to travel to take a picture of these trees. I’m not sure if you can tell from this photo, but there are a lot of trees dying from the pine beetle. It’s so sad to see these beautiful trees dying.

One of the views we had driving to the place where we would pick up the guys and gal. I love Wyoming skies.

Here’s Douglas Creek. It was just gorgeous! This picture doesn’t do it justice. There were numerous great camping places. Almost makes me want to sleep in a tent on the ground again. Well, maybe not. :)

What a great daughter she is! She went after a river rock for her dad. Or maybe she decided to get a rock after she fell in the water.

I really don’t know if this is a dandelion or not. If it is, it’s been taking steroids.
I had Amanda put her hand next to the flower so that you can gauge how big it really is.
Another weed. How can this pretty thistle be considered a weed?

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