Day 4, Part 2 – Going to see Ian Tyson

Here’s Moose all excited about taking a hike!

The next few pictures Tommy took on their walk. The first is an old dilapidated cabin. The second photo is Evan and the dogs hiking in good single line fashion. And the last is a shot of Douglas Creek.

Here’s Moose, Molly and Evan at the end of the 6.6 mile hike!

Rain on the plains.

Have you seen on TV the ads selling land in Wyoming for about $5,000 per acre? Well, this is one of those “communities” outside of Laramie. The first picture is the entrance way. The second is looking off to the left of that entrance way. Do you see any homes? If you look very closely on the second shot you can see a black dot. That’s a house–not much else out there! If you’ve ever been to Laramie, you know how strong the wind can blow. Can you imagine being out here in the middle of this with the wind blowing and the temperature below 0?? But, hey–the price is good!

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