Day 5 – Going to see Ian Tyson

Huck Finn Pond–across the street from Amanda and Evan’s house. This is Seamus’ favorite swimming hole. When we take him for walks, we have to stay far away from the pond to keep him from jumping in.

Tommy and I dropped Amanda off at work and went to find a barn that the backyard neighbor told us about. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a good angle on it as it was directly behind a house with lots and lots of stuff around. But, it’s a really cool looking barn and very much like the one we saw the day before. Can you imagine having this building in your back yard?

I have always liked this building. At first we thought it was an old church, then someone told us it was an old stable. We found out exactly what it is when we went downtown to talk to a man who has a camera/wool/weaving/meat–as in elk, buffalo shop. Last year when we were here I had him print a photo or two and he told me to come back and he’d share with me some places to go to get some good shots. He told us this was a house that was being built by a man for his betrothed. Before he finished it his bride-to-be called it quits. The man never finished the house.

We headed out of Laramie toward the Snowy Range. Isn’t this a beautiful sight? I can see why Amanda feels claustrophobic when she comes home. I truly never get tired of the Wyoming skies.

Along our drive we found this small lake. There was a man in a small raft type boat fishing, another man with two dogs who were swimming and on the other side of the lake was a bunch of cows.

Does this say “Wyoming” to you?

Some of the same horses coming closer to us to take a look.
What’s a blog post without a flower?

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