Day 5, Part 2 – Going to see Ian Tyson

We went to the final night of the Laramie Mountain Bike series of which Evan is one of the organizers. The race started at 6:00 p.m. with cloudy skies and a chance of rain. The first group (the experts) had to ride the course 3 times, the next group (women) had to ride the course 2 times and the last group (beginners) only had to ride once. The first picture is of Evan (to the far left) giving directions to all.

The experts are lined up and ready to go.

And they’re off! Evan is on the far right in the white and green shirt.

Here’s our guy as he came around to start the second lap.

A couple more from the expert group:

Soon after this last shot was taken, it started pouring and lighting was flashing all around us. Being the chicken (or maybe the wise one) that I am, I ran to sit in the truck. The race continued on for a little bit before they canceled it. Doesn’t seem to be so smart riding a bike in the rain and lightning on the top of a mountain.

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  1. Kerry: These are great pics, as is the commentary. Extraordinary actually. You all got to do some really interesting activites.


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