Day 6 – Going to see Ian Tyson

Amanda and Evan took the day off to go for a drive with us. Tommy had wanted to go to Encampment, Wyoming which was a booming town at the turn of the century known for its copper mining. To get there we drove up and over the Snowies–one of my favorite places in the world!

We saw some moose (is it moose, mooses or meese?)

Then we came upon part of the advertising team at Cabela’s who was photographing the new Cabela’s edition of the Ford F250. This should be in their Spring catalog.

This just has to be one of the prettiest places on this earth.

Here’s Tommy pondering.

Since I’m the one with the camera, I rarely get in any photos, but Evan was gracious enough to take this one.

Some old “restored” buildings at the Encampment Museum.

This is a reconstruction of the actual 16 mile aerial tramway that transported copper ore from the mine to the smelter located in Encampment. During its useful life it was the longest aerial tramway in the world and was in operation until 1909.

Ore cars from a deep rock mine also in the Encampment area. After the mine closed approximately 100 years ago, these cars remained in the sealed mine and were only removed and brought to the museum in 1998.

Looks like we’re driving straight into the mountain doesn’t it?

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