Day 8 – Wyoming Homecoming

This was to be our last day of meandering on the way home. We had never driven the northern part of Missouri so with that and the fact that the University of Missouri (in Columbia, MO) was celebrating Homecoming that day, we decided to drive on Hwy. 36 and wind up in Hannibal before going south. I was expecting a lot more color in the trees by then but was disappointed. This drive was not quite what we expected; not an “off-the-interstate” drive as it was a 4 lane, divided highway.

Old Barn on the Side of the Road
Locust Creek Covered Bridge
Hedgeapple? Or Alien Brain??
Another Old Barn
Country Lane
From a bluff looking down on the Mississippi River
A Train and the Mississippi River!












I’ve saved this shot for last because it’s Tommy’s favorite!

Tommy and the Wienermobile :)

We had such a wonderful trip to Wyoming to see Amanda, Evan, Moose, Molly and sometimes Penny. It’s always such fun to go there–what a completely different lifestyle than here. And, getting off the interstates and seeing small town America is very enjoyable as well. Another successful trip!

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