Day 7 – Wyoming Homecoming

Time to go home. I didn’t want to. I would have kicked and screamed but that would have done no good. Better just to suck it up and get in the truck. Bubba, on the other hand had no problems leaving. As soon as he was in the backseat in his bed and the truck started moving he fell asleep. He is such a great traveler!















As we headed home we decided to go down through southern Nebraska and northern Kansas again to see if we could see some more harvesting. I think Tommy was hoping for a ride in a combine.

Travel on the two lanes is much slower than on the Interstates because you get behind one of these and can’t get around them. Notice that one side is completely off the road yet the other side almost reaches the far side of the road. No passing this guy on a hill.

Or maybe not this guy either. :)

It apparently was a very good year for corn. In many places we saw, the grain elevators were full so they were dumping the corn in these rounds. Almost looks like gold, doesn’t it?


As we travel we are always on the lookout for old barns. I am fascinated by the old and/or abandoned barns. I loved the shape on this one and it looks like they had started to reside this one and stopped.

I also love the old abandoned houses. It really makes me wonder who had lived there, what their lives must have been like and where they went. This particular house we had seen a couple of years ago in the middle of summer and I did like the picture I got. But, this time the sky was perfect!

As the sun started going down Tommy saw the sure sign of harvesting–dust. So he drove to it and found this guy still working in his field. We sat and watched for a little bit but when no offer to ride in the combine came, we left. Had to make St. Joe for the night.





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