Day Tripper

Tommy and I went for a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We went south from Highway 215 to 23/74 into Dillsboro. It reminded us of when we were there years ago. Amanda was probably about 5 or 6 and could easily twist her dad around her little finger. While we were shopping in Dillsboro she saw a wooden duck that she wanted. I think at that time the duck probably cost about $75. She whined until her dad bought it for her–she was such a spoiled brat. :)

Not much was going on in Dillsboro (not much to take pictures of either) so we drove through Cherokee to get back to the Parkway. It was a beautiful day and we thoroughly enjoyed the drive.

Here’s the view of the Parkway from Water Rock Knob:

We stopped now and then so I could take some wildflower pictures. When I was trying to get close to one that was on a bank, I just happened to look down before I stepped. Thank goodness I did–this guy was waiting! But he never moved. Thank You God!

And here’s a wildflower (Indian Paintbrush) for you.

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