Do You Know Where You Were 32 Years Ago Today?

I know exactly where I was. I was here, in this very house, getting married! Some days it seems like it was yesterday and then some days it seems as if it was eons ago. I find it amazing that we are still here in this same house. Looking back, I’m not sure what or where I thought we’d be after three decades. But, I’m pretty happy living life with my very best friend.

Happy Anniversary Tommy!

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  1. If only blogs had a "like" button! Congratulations on so many happy years together and wonderful kids, too!

  2. I remember the day very well, though it creaks the bones to acknowledge the 32 year span. We rode out there with John and Judi Wright in their new 1978 Toyota hatchback. Surely there is a 10 year time warp ensconced in there somehow. It was difficult to cram 64 years of living in those 32 years but I think we did it.

    Marc Hayes

  3. How very blessed you are to live in the midst of the place where you've made so many memories…and to have each other, all this time. Congratulations…

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