Don’t Pass Me By

After many, many years of not paying any attention to the waterfalls all around us, we decided to hunt some out on this trip. Because we needed to go to town for a grocery store run we headed across the mountain to Hwy. 276. Part of the road we travel is gravel/dirt. It’s actually a more enjoyable ride than driving Hwy. 215 in. Along the way we found this baby waterfall. We are seeing a lot of these since there’s been so much rain in the area.

This is Looking Glass Rock right before you get to the Trout Farm.

Our first stop was at Looking Glass Falls. We really hadn’t planned on stopping here, but did because of the amount of water going over the falls.

Then we went to Moore Cove Falls. It was a 7/10 mile walk into the falls and very enjoyable. The weather was perfect–not too hot and not too cold.

Can you see the rainbow in the water below?

Can you see why these are called the Blue Ridge Mountains?

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