Day Tripper

We started out this morning for a day trip thinking we would head up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. When we left the house, we could barely see the mountain range.

This is a small barn that is directly across the road from us. Unfortunately, the cows I was looking for were not there. I really want to get an up-close picture of a cow’s face.

When we got to the Blue Ridge Parkway, we saw pretty much nothing but fog. We drove a couple of miles before Tommy decided it wasn’t too smart to be driving when you could only see about 10 feet in front of you. I did convince him to stop a couple of times to take some pictures. It was really hard to get things in focus as the fog blew left, right and all over. This is Fryingpan Tunnel.

These trees were so cool looking in the fog.

Since we couldn’t drive the Parkway, we headed back down 215 to see if we could find Courthouse Rock Falls. To get there, we had to drive on a road that I usually don’t like to be on. Only because when you look out the window you see the river that is really, really far down. I get pretty nervous on roads like this.

We came across this falls that we had never seen before because we’d never been on the road when there were no leaves on the trees. It’s not a good picture and you can’t really get the perspective, but the top is probably 90-100 feet high. There were too many trees around and no way to get to a clearing in order to get a good shot.

Father down the road, we stopped to take some pictures of the river. I love this part of the drive!

According to the directions we had, you were to park at a small parking area and walk about 5-7 minutes and you would be at the top of Courthouse Rock Falls. Tommy and Bubba took off up the trail with me following.

We never found the top of the falls and what we could see was at an angle from the trail that I couldn’t get a good picture. But the river was pretty here too.

Part of our drive.

Is your Christmas tree one of these?

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