Dreaming of a White Christmas – Day 7

Shopping for day after specials. We found a few.

It’s not that there was no one shopping at the Hallmark. It was the fact that you couldn’t park in front of the store–see all the snow piled up?

This is a very large pile of snow in the parking lot of WalMart. We had to go shopping for the day after specials.

I took this picture from the back seat while we were driving down Grand Avenue. I can’t even imagine this many cars on the road at home after this much snow falling. And the surprising thing–the grocery stores still have milk and bread. :)

This is the alley next to Amanda’s and Evan’s house.

Evan warmed up the car for us before we headed out. Notice the snow that he’s brushing from the car.

While Evan was working on the car, Amanda was shoveling the walkway.

We woke up to more snow and 11 degrees this morning. I’m really enjoying this, but maybe because it’s so unusual for us.

I opened up the front door to get the picture above and found that the snow had drifted up onto the steps and was about 6″ deep. The steps themselves were nowhere to be seen. :)

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