Merry Christmas!

It’s 8 degrees here with a windchill of -15! Brrrrrrr!!

Last night we went to the Cavalryman for dinner. Tommy had a rib eye, Evan had the prime rib, Amanda had the Rustique Pasta and I had (of course) a filet. Dinnner was delicious. The company was wonderful!

On our way home we decided to drive around and look at Christmas lights. This year the Albany County courthouse was decorated with lights. The lights were then synchronized with music from a local radio station. When you turned to the station you could see the lights blink along with the music.

This house had the best lights! Click on the photo so you can see it larger. Then take a look at the windshield.

More pictures to come later today. Right now we’re waiting for the Monkey Bread to finish cooking. :)

More pictures from Christmas day:

Moose, Molly and Amanda (with her new Wyoming hat) taking a rest after opening presents.

Evan is trying to figure out how the Buttermilk Pie wound up upside down on the kitchen floor.

We got more snow over night and something was falling (don’t know if it was more snow or just blowing snow) all day.

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