Dreaming of a White Christmas – Day 8

We went sledding out at Happy Jack and when we get out of our car before we got to the slope, we saw this sign. If you’re brave (or dumb) enough, you keep going–which we did!

The slope doesn’t look like much from the bottom looking up.

But walking up it is so tiring. At least that’s what I’m told. :)

When Tommy and Evan first started sledding, the snow was pretty soft and deep and it was slow going. However, they had Evan’s really good sled and things improved for them. There were some people on the slope that could only go a few yards before they stopped. As the “official” photographer I didn’t have (I mean get) to go down. I must still have been thinking about the warning sign. Hah!

I did walk around some to take pictures. At one point I sank up to my knees in the snow. It was truly beautiful out there–but so cold.

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