Dreaming of a White Christmas – Day 9

We had to go home. We had such a good time with Evan, Amanda, Moose, Molly, Charlie and Penny (when she would show herself)!

Amazing–we got all 4 dogs and all 4 people looking towards (kinda) the camera!

Amanda and Evan are trying out and enjoying the firepit they got for Christmas from Sara and Hall.

Some time during the past year Tommy had seen on TV a program about a sausage maker in Eustis, Nebraska. So on our way home we took a detour off of I80. We found the store in Eustis that sells this sausage and bought $38 worth. On our way back up to I80, we saw the above barn. Of course I made Tommy stop so I could get a picture.

Another barn that I really liked–unfortunately, we weren’t able to stop for this one. So it was shot as we were going 75 mph (or so).

Hay bales in the snow–also shot while we were going 75 mph (or so).

This is one of my favorite shots (while going 75 mph or so) because while we were traveling one way at 75 mph (or so) the train was going the opposite direction at probably 75 mph (or so)! We tried and tried to get some good train photos while in Laramie. Funny how the best one was taken while driving down I29 in Iowa.

Bubba is such a good traveler! He sleeps almost the whole time we’re driving. Can you tell that he’s comfortable?

Tommy and I had another wonderful trip to see Amanda and Evan. We thoroughly enjoyed being with them for Christmas.

I’m off to start planning the next trip. :)

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