Girls’ Road Trip – Day 4 – Tuesday, September 9

Before we left St. Michael’s, I had to get a picture of this for Amanda and Evan. I bet they wish they had one of these.Our next stop was Chincoteague, Virginia. Sue loved the name of this inn, so we decided we should stay here. I loved the way the room was decorated! Once again, we had to go eat–yep I got crab soup again. It was the best of the entire trip. If you’re ever in Chincoteague go to Bill’s–it was delicious!The reason we had decided to go to Chincoteague was so we could see the wild ponies of Assateague. This was supposed to be a sunset cruise. Unfortunately, they’d had a lot of rain and it was still cloudy. No picturesque sunset for us!
And the only wild ponies we saw were in a corral next to the hotel. It was an enjoyable cruise though. We saw from afar two eagles–one bald and one golden. This guy rode up on his Harley as we were waiting to get onto the boat for our cruise. Is he not the funniest thing with his goggles?
We got up Wednesday morning and headed back home. It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip. I especially love driving the non-interstate roads.

Thanks Anne and Sue for going with me!

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