Happy Birthday America!

Tommy and I started out the day yesterday by going to the local farmers’ market. I didn’t see anything there that looked any better than things we have in our garden, except for these very colorful zinnias. We did buy some Silver Queen corn which turned out to be tough.

The farmers’ market this year is at City Hall.

I then visited Hall and Sara in their new apartment. I hadn’t been to their new place since they had moved (as I was working during their move). I’m so happy that they have come back to town and we can see them more often. Their apartment is nice, but the best thing about it is the location. They are within walking distance to the Marietta Square. After I’d had a look around their place we decided to walk over to the square for the 4th of July activities. We missed the parade but there were still tons of people, food vendors and arts and crafts vendors. While we were there they rang the Liberty Bell–this supposedly was done at the same time as cities’ and towns’ celebrations all over the country.

I love this big, wonderful country and feel so fortunate to be an American.

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