This was the first year in a long time that we were able to go see some fireworks. First we went over to Nancy’s and Steve’s for dinner. After yummy food we headed over towards Roswell High School to see the display. I have never photographed fireworks before and kind of second guessed myself on what settings I should use. I’m not thrilled with what I did get but it was fun and I hope I remember what I learned this year when the 4th rolls around again next year.

Forty years ago today my dad passed away. Since he and I had not been around each other for some years, I was really looking forward to renewing my relationship with him. After I graduated from high school he invited me to come up (to New Jersey) and live with him. I was so looking forward to some time with him. Unfortunately, I was with him only a week before he passed. There was so much I wanted to know about him and his family that I’ll never now know. I guess the good thing was that I was able to be with him just a little.

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