I’ve been told I need to update.

When we returned from our Christmas trip to Wyoming I had to jump back into work. The two-week break was a great one, but I almost had to get trained again on my job. :) Thankfully, all of the soccer people were busy doing other things as well and didn’t need any assistance from me right away.

We lost Tommy’s dad to Alzheimer’s last week. What a nasty, nasty disease that is and so horrible for family/friends to watch their loved ones go through. This is one of the last pictures of Ed before he was unable to get out. Three generations–Ed, Tommy and Hall.

And the whole family together:

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  1. Nice picture, too bad it could not have been under more pleasant circumstances. We are never truly prepared for a loss of a family member.

  2. Oh Kerry, I am sorry about your FIL. I too lost my Mom to Alzheimer’s disease 4 years ago, and you are so right…..it is without a doubt the MOST horrible experience an family can go through….I still have nightmares about the whole ordeal….it was terrible. I can’t even talk about her without crying….but I do try to remember all the WONDERFUL years with her, and it helps so much…..Next to Cancer…..my prayer is that they find a cure for Alzheimers.

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