The Reading List

I don’t know anyone who loves books more than Amanda. From the moment she learned to read, she has had her nose stuck in a book, reading newspapers, reading the internet, browsing book stores–new and used and making lists of books she wants to read. I don’t know how she keeps it all straight.

I do believe that she thinks everyone loves to read as much as she does. And because she thinks everyone does/should, she loves to share. Following are the books that she gave to Tommy last Christmas and this Christmas.






















Appears to be certain themes:

  • Wyoming
  • Railroads
  • The West
  • Baseball

I’d say Tommy better get to reading. :)

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  1. I grew up with a mom with a passion for reading – never had a house without a library. Eventually my father would adopt her passion – and the collection grew. Before they moved from our home town, she literally donated a couple of thousands hard back books; when she passed away, I donated a similar amount from her recent collection. I love to read, but not at the pace she did.

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