Let it Snow…and Merry Christmas!





















What a wonderful Christmas it was with Amanda and Evan. We surely did miss having Sara and Hall with us though. The day started out a bit later than we thought–Tommy and I were awake and up by 5:30 (Laramie time). Usually on Christmas morning, Amanda is awake really early. Not so this year. Tommy and I really tried to make enough noise to get the lazy butts out of bed. I was getting close to starting to open presents when Amanda and Evan finally got up. While we were opening gifts our Monkey Bread was baking and making the house smell really good.

Unfortunately, Evan found water backing up in their laundry room so the next couple of hours he and Tommy tried to find the problem. The good/bad thing was the problem was  in the pipe from the kitchen sink down to the basement. While it was good that they were able to find out what the problem was, it was bad because we could not use the water in the kitchen. Thankfully we were able to cook dinner. We could not wash the dishes which left a mess in the kitchen.

We had fried turkey, sweet potato casserole (which Evan says is like dessert at dinner), stuffing, roasted brussel sprouts (Pioneer Woman’s recipe–yummy), Crescent rolls (not near as tasty as Anne’s homemade rolls) and cranberry sauce. We were going to make a Buttermilk Pie but were all so full nobody felt like making one.

All in all another wonderful Christmas in Laramie!

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