Let it Snow…or What a Beautiful Sunset on Christmas Eve

Amanda, Evan and Molly invited me to go skiing with them Christmas Eve. Well, they didn’t actually think I would go skiing, but thought I might want to go up to take some pictures at Happy Jack. I was willing to go along. :)

I walked around and took pictures while the three of them went on a 2.8 mile trip. Rumor has it that Molly wanted to go faster than Amanda. :) Right before they got back to the parking lot, the sky turned absolutely gorgeous!

Besides Amanda, Evan, Moose, Molly and Penny, the skies in Wyoming may be my favorite thing here.

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  1. i just love looking at photographer’s blogs…..they have the most beautiful pictures on them….i love your old auto photos….

    have a great new year!!

    xo, cindy

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