Did you know that Rain is a Beatles’ song? I know the song, just never knew it was named just Rain. Hmmmm…..

Because of the rain we’d had and what was predicted, Tommy and I decided to not go to BG. So yesterday when we had a whole day’s break from the rain, we took a day trip. We headed up 575 to the north Georgia mountains. We wound up in McCaysville before turning south going through Suches and Dahlonega. The trees just have a bit of color to them.

Along the way we came across an old mill. I liked it OK, but I really liked this red mill wheel:

At this mill was an old red tractor and an old red wagon, and since I apparently had my eye on red, I took a picture of the red wagon wheel.

When we got home we took Bubba for a walk. I think we all needed to stretch our legs a big. In keeping with the theme of red pictures, I took this Southern Magnolia seed pod:

Now I’ve been in the South for a long time and have always loved magnolia trees and their blossoms. So why is it that I’ve never noticed the red berries on the seed pod??

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