Road Trip – Day 2, Thursday, July 17

After spending the night at our usual hotel–Ramada–in St. Joe, we ate breakfast at Shirley’s Dinner Bell in Troy, Kansas.
We saw this church in Kansas and liked the way it looked.

Another neat building we saw. Note the safe outside on the sidewalk. Guess there was nothing in it!
We saw this truck for sale. Initially, we thought it said the price was $67.00. We turned around to see it better and saw the price was really $767.00. We thought possibly Marc would like to buy it.
This is a beautiful wildflower that we thought was a dandelion. While it may be, it was about the size of a baseball. It really was very pretty.
A picture of Tommy and Kerry at the geographic center of the United States. How many of you can say you’ve been there? By the way, road ended right here!
A really neat, but abandoned old house in northeast Colorado. It looked like someone of means owned this house at one time. The cows still like it.

On the drive through Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado we say lots of corn growing. I kept looking for fields of sunflowers (Kansas being the Sunflower State), but only saw some volunteers on the side of the road in Colorado. I’ll post some of those later.
We wound up in McCook, Nebraska at the Holiday Inn Express. Dinner was at a Taste of Texas BBQ and had a really good dinner.
Day 3 coming up as we arrive in Laramie.

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