Road Trip – Day 2, Part 2, Thursday, July 17

This is one of the first “volunteer” sunflowers we saw along the side of the road.
Note the bee on this sunflower–he is covered in pollen.

Doesn’t this sunflower have a neat pattern in the center?
Some people live a long way off the paved road. And the paved road is a two lane road which was about 60 miles from the interstate.This is another abandoned home on the high plains of eastern Colorado. Note you can’t see anything around the house. It was really out in the middle of nowhere!

Next post will be about the Rails to Trails bike ride (Tommy and Evan rode 20 miles, Amanda rode 10 miles and Kerry was dogsitter and shuttle driver). We head to Steamboat Springs today to see one of Kerry’s cousins and, hopefully, her Uncle Don.

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