Road Trip – Day 3, Friday, July 18

We spent the night in McCook, Nebraska on our second night out. We enjoyed a thunderstorm that rolled into town about the same time we did. Dinner was at the Taste of Texas BBQ and was really good. Friday morning we took off towards Laramie.

When we got to Sterling, Colorado, we saw the following sign. Enough said!

As we traveled through Sterling we saw something we had not seen in quite a while–someone using a pay phone.
Somewhere in Colorado we saw wheat being harvested. These machines are huge!
We arrived in Laramie about 2:00 local time. We unpacked and took Seamus out of his crate. Although at first look, Seamus wasn’t sure about us and hesitated about coming out. Evan got home and then we picked up Amanda from her work and headed to the Farmers’ Market. While there I finally got a picture of a sunflower like I’d been looking for. I guess they don’t grow them this big in the fields–not that I ever found a field of sunflowers. :(

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