Road Trip – Day 4, Saturday, July 19

Tommy, along with Amanda and Evan, finally got to ride the Rails to Trails on Saturday. Tommy and Evan rode the complete 20 miles. Amanda stopped at the halfway point so she could spend some time with me.

This was along the road to pick the guys up.

Lake Owen was the stopping place. These old guys looked like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves fishing.
For those of you who don’t know, the Rails to Trails is an old abandoned railroad bed that has been made into a bike trail. It’s about 35 miles from Laramie to where they started the ride. Tommy enjoyed the first 10 miles immensely. He said that portion was very scenic with ponds and beaver lodges.

Before we left for the bike ride, Amanda and Kelli (her neighbor and former roommate) had a Garage Sale. They got rid of lots of stuff and made some good money. It’s amazing what people will buy. But, thank goodness they did that day!

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