The Enduro Trip, Day 2

We were glad to get up and on the road. Breakfast was at Shirley’s Dinner Bell where we had eaten before. Tommy went in and got us breakfast sandwiches—one with bacon and one with sausage. The sausage was awesome and was huge!

Somewhere along Hwy. 30 in Kansas we saw a lot of windmills in the distance. Tommy said, “Do you want to go find them?” I of course thought that was a silly question! We found the Brown Co. Ag Museum which had a few building (all of which were closed), some farm machinery and the windmills.

DSC_3143-2 DSC_3102-2 DSC_3110-2


Still on Hwy. 30 we saw this old abandoned home. It was up on a bit of a hill so I had to stand in the back of the pickup on top of the cooler. I just love these old buildings and wonder who lived there and why they left.


If you look really closely right in the middle of this picture, you can see a crop duster plane. But what I really liked about this scene was how the rows were not straight.


I like old homes and buildings, Tommy likes old grain elevators.


We had to stop here!


We ended this day of driving in Ogalalla, NE, at a much more reasonable time.

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