The Enduro Trip, Day 4

Amanda, Tommy, Bubba, Moose and I (Evan had to work) went up to one of my favorite places on earth—the Snowy Range. It is absolutely gorgeous there.


One of my goals in going to the Snowies during the summer is to find wildflowers. They seems to be blooming later this year because of the cold winter they had here.

DSC_3295-2 DSC_3255-2 DSC_3274-2 DSC_3278-2

We went for a short walk and had to stop to take a “family” picture, minus the photographer.


Another goal is to see a moose. We didn’t see one on the way up to the Snowy Range so we decided to drive on towards Saratoga. These, obviously, are not moose but they made such a pretty picture.


We finally gave up and turned around to head back to town. And wouldn’t you know it, we found two having lunch:

DSC_3331-2 DSC_3328-2

We stopped and had a picnic lunch at a roadside picnic area and then headed back home.


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