The Enduro Trip, Day 5

While Amanda slept and Evan worked, Tommy and I went for a drive. We actually had a destination in mind on this drive. We were trying to find a sawmill that had beetle-killed pine. Tommy is going to build us a TV stand for NC. We found the mill and were lucky enough to find the guy who owns it. So he and Tommy made a deal for some wood which we will pick up on Sunday. After leaving there we looked at the map to see what sights were close. Lake Hattie and Twin Buttes were fairly close so we headed that way. Along the way, Tommy started yelling, “Camera, camera, camera!” I don’t know what I was looking at—maybe the beautiful countryside—but when I looked out the front window there was a cattle drive. Good thing I travel with the camera in my lap.




Twin Buttes


Lake Hattie. This picture does not come close to showing how incredibly blue the lake was. Simply beautiful!


I love cow faces so when we saw these close to the side of the road Tommy pulled over so I could take some pictures. When I got out of the truck they all came over to the fence to see me.


Since the kids had something to do that night, we got a picnic lunch together and went to find trains.


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