Utah Trip 2018 – Day 5

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Evan and Hall left early to go for a run and then to drive over to St. George to pick up Molly. Tommy, Amanda, Miss B and I left a bit later. We stopped at Escalante Outfitters for breakfast. Amanda and Tommy got breakfast rolls (because, according to Tommy, the guy in front of him ordered them) and I got a triple berry muffin which I shared with B. Breakfast was yummy! Our plan was to meet up with them in Springdale, right outside of Zion.

While waiting for Evan, Hall and Molly, we went to the Visitors’ Center to get our Passport books stamped. It was crazy how many people were there. Along the way, we stopped at a pullout where a Ranger was giving a talk about animals in the park. Miss B was really interested in seeing the rattlesnake in the jar. The Ranger told us to look for the bighorn sheep that were down the road a bit.

We went through this tunnel which was about 1.3 miles. Every so often there was a portal that you could look out if you were driving slow enough.

At the Visitors’ Center Tommy and Amanda checked out the 3D map of the park while B and I checked out this lizard.

We left the Visitors’ Center and caught up with Evan, Hall and Molly in Springdale and had a picnic lunch. We talked about seeing more of Zion, but in order to do that we would have had to get on a shuttle. In order to do that we would have had to find a parking spot in a parking lot that was jam packed. So it was decided to head towards home.

This should be called White Knuckle Road.

When we got home we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner. Then sat back and watched the sky.

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