Wyoming Christmas – Day 4

SNOW! Yippee!!
During the night Tommy got up and went outside to see the lunar eclipse. He came back in and said he couldn’t see it because of all the snow clouds. He also said that it had snowed quite a bit. Here’s what I found when I got up in the morning and let the dogs out:

When we finally got everyone up, fed and dressed we went for a walk. It was not the easiest thing considering we had one beagle and three bassets and there were only three of us (Evan was working).

 Can you see the tangled mess the dogs make? It makes for a very humorous walk.

Tommy let Bubba off his leash and he had a wonderful time running and jumping. He was so funny to watch with his ears flying.

I’d like this one for my Christmas tree. :)

I guess this is one thing you don’t mind doing if you only have to do it once a year.

All totaled, I think we got about 8″ of snow. It snowed all day long–very small flakes but it kept on coming. Fun for us. :)

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  1. What beautiful pictures! (But then, they always are). I love the one with all the dogs and leashes. Love to all of you.Merry Christmas!

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