Wyoming Christmas – Day 4, More Pictures

Amanda and I decided that we still needed to do some shopping so we headed to WalMart. Those of you who are used to dealing with snow will probably laugh, but it’s so much fun for me to get out and see the good–the beauty of all the white; the bad–my truck is dirty, dirty, dirty; and the ugly–the slush you have to walk through in the parking lot–of living with snow.

This is the back of my truck. Notice how the snow is all the way up to the window?

On the road to WalMart. Amanda was driving (she’s used to it) while I watched and held on! :)

How nice to have a Salvation Army bagpiper! He graciously posed for me and probably thought I was nuts. But I left some money in the red bucket so all’s good.

I don’t think that my WalMart has even seen a Caterpillar scraping snow.

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