Wyoming Christmas – Day 5

The above two pictures are what our morning looked like. I know that snow is a pain for some, but I think it’s absolutely beautiful!

Tommy and I went for a drive out Snowy Range Road. Look closely at this first picture–do you see any road?

I had told Tommy I wanted to go back and get another picture of this gate. Last year while we were here for Christmas we had found this gate at Lake Allsop. There was a man out on the middle of the lake ice fishing. We watched him for a bit and while I was looking around I saw this gate. I don’t know why I like it, but I do. So we had to go again this year. Unfortunately, the snow was so deep into the parking area, we couldn’t drive the truck in. I hopped out and walked down to it to get some pictures.

One of our Photography Club topics for competition this year is Fences & Gates. There are two different fences in this picture, the far one being a snow fence. Tommy stopped the truck so I could get out and take some shots. I walked about 100 feet up to the barbed wire fence and sometimes sunk up to my knees in the snow.

The road back into town. That’s Laramie straight ahead–you can just see the trees in the distance.

This is one of my favorite “buildings” in Wyoming. After a couple years of trying to find out what it is/was (I thought it was an abandoned church), I finally found someone who knew. The Betrothed’s House

The Episcopalian’s win! They have the most beautiful church doors!! Actually, the whole church is gorgeous. One of these days I’d really like to go inside and see if the inside is as pretty as the outside.

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  1. These photos are just stunning.The beauty of the snow is captured by Kerry's unique and exquisite views of form and substance. Captivating actually, a sense of being there, certainly they invoke the sense of being there, which I'd like to be.


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