Wyoming Christmas – Day 7

It’s Christmas Eve and we had no particular plans. After breakfast all six of us and the four dogs went for a walk at the park across the street. It was so pretty. Here are some pictures taken during that walk:

 Hall, Sara, Amanda and Moose
 Spring Creek which runs into Huck Finn Pond
 That’s the sun trying to burn its way through the fog.

 Evan walking one dog going one way and another going the other way.
 Bubba has loved running and jumping through the snow.

 Hall and Sara
 Evan, Amanda, Moose and Molly
 Molly and Bubba
 Trying to get everyone together for the group shot.
 The final group shot.
 Sara, Hall, Evan, Amanda, Molly and Moose
Some kind of berries on a frozen tree.

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