Bubba the Beagle

Four years ago today, after searching for days for a beagle puppy, we drove to Eastonalee, GA to look at one. (Yeah, right–have you ever seen a beagle puppy?) There were two boys still to be adopted–Sleepy and Dopey. There were 7 pups in the litter and they were all named for the Dwarfs. Sleepy and Dopey were both so cute but Dopey had prettier markings. As Tommy and I were trying to decide which one to take home, Dopey peed in the heat register that was on the floor. At the same time, we were told that Sleepy was the “calm” one. We decided to go with calm! While he did live up to his Sleepy name–he slept all the way home in my lap–that just wasn’t the name we were going to stay with. We threw around lots of names but decided we wanted one that started with a B as did our first beagle Biscuit and our second one Beau. Tommy came up with Bubba and how appropriate it seems to be. Except for the fact that he goes absolutely crazy when someone comes to visit, he really is a great dog. He loves to travel and sleeps a lot in the truck when we go riding. Bubba also has trained Tommy to go for a walk at least once a day.

Tommy and I are so glad that we found this little guy–he’s quite funny and makes us laugh!

He is quite a love and truly a goofball!

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