Day 8 – Going to see Ian Tyson!

Another day of work for the kids and another day of sight seeing for us. This time we decided we were going to take 287 south towards Ft. Collins to Tie Siding. At that point we were going to take a dirt road over to Buford (population 1) and hopefully see some trains. Unfortunately there was construction going on and they had the road blocked that we wanted to travel. So we turned around and headed to Medicine Bow. There we found this old hotel and the truck that I imagine they used for transporting people and luggage.

At an old and closed Catholic church we looked off to the left and found a statue by itself in the weeds.

When we left the paved road and once again got on a dirt road we came along road kill. At first we were looking at what the road kill was and then saw these two birds. Golden Eagles!! Pretty exciting! We think these two are probably mates as golden eagles usually mate for life.

Does this make you think of the Beatles’ song The Long & Winding Road?

A windmill farm. These gigantic windmills fascinate me.

OOPS! What can you say besides, “Glad we had a spare.”

I was neither needed nor wanted when the tire was being changed so I went and found some flowers to photograph.

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