Dreaming of a White Christmas – Day 3

No pictures for this day (other than the flag already posted). It was a sit and be lazy day! Well, at least for Tommy and me. The kids have to work.

But, before I forgot I wanted to post about seeing bald eagles on our drive through Nebraska. Just west of Lexington we saw three bald eagles and three other birds that are either bald eagles without the white head and tail or golden eagles. The unmarked birds were as large as the bald eagles but a grayish brown color. The first eagle we saw was in a field eating something with the other three around him. The second eagle (this was the coolest one) was out in the middle of a pond surrounded by geese. He kept doing a sort of dance trying to scare the geese into flying up. He would go up into the air about a foot or two while spreading his wings. He did this numerous times that we could see. The third eagle we saw was flying towards the pond. I was wishing that we could have stopped and that I had one of those mack daddy zoom lens.

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