Dreaming of a White Christmas – Days 1 & 2

Our drive through Tennessee looked like this.

Our drive through Kentucky looked like this.

Bubba saw none of it because he looked like this.

Our drive through the middle of Missouri looked like this. When we finally arrived in St. Joseph the temperature was 26. It dropped a few degrees during the night and a bit of snow fell. We left there at about 7:00 a.m. after filling up with gas and getting breakfast sandwiches at Denny’s.

This is what I could see at 7 in the morning as we drove north on I29.

This train was also headed north along I29. Wonder where it was going.

We were stopped at a traffic light just outside of Lincoln where I took this picture. Looks like they’ve had plenty of snow already.

When we finally got to I80 we stopped at a rest area in York County. Bubba wasn’t too thrilled with the Pet Exercise Area so he decided to pee on the trash can instead. :)

We got into Laramie late afternoon. Amanda and Evan fixed us Baked Potato Soup and homemade Italian bread. It was yummy!

The flags in Laramie are certainly waving today. I think the high is probably going to be about 40. But we’d better watch out–the forecast calls for 17 tomorrow night with 4-6 inches of snow. Maybe my hope of a white Christmas is going to come true (although it would technically be true anyway since there is some snow on the ground here now).

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  1. I love your pictures! I'm jealous of Bubba's riding style. Our new baby, Henry, is not such a happy rider. (He's been know to poop and throw up on more that one occasion.) I know you will have a joyous Christmas! Please give Amanda a big hug for me.

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