Dreaming of a White Christmas – Day 4

We took a drive outside of Laramie to a railroad crossing in the hopes of taking some pictures of trains. We sat for 30 minutes waiting–no train. But if you’re going to sit and wait for a train, can you think of a better place to do it?

Since it was getting a bit cold, and according to some–boring, we headed out of Laramie in the opposite direction. These were all taken around the Allsop Lake area.

No long and winding road here.

This guy got here about the same time as we did. He gathered all his ice fishing things and went out to the middle of Allsop Lake. We watched as he took a pole and beat the ice until he created a hold. He then took the bucket, sat on it and proceeded to fish. No fishing hut for him. This must be fun for some people, but you won’t find me doing it.

This snow fence was about 75 yards off of the road (to the left of the picture). It’s hard for me to imagine that it could do any good, but those who know better than I put it there for a reason.

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  1. You can see how the snow fence is working in that pic. See how it's piled up right next to the fence and less the further out? It makes it drift by the fence instead of on the road.

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