Dreaming of a White Christmas – Day 4, Part 2

We got word that volunteers were needed to help place railroad ties down onto the ballast for the eventual placement of train cars at the Laramie Depot Park. With nothing better to do, we headed over there. Luckily Tommy showed up to help–there were a total of 5 workers to start with (one left soon after work began). The above ties are those that needed to be moved.

Luckily, they had this little tractor to help pick up the ties and take them to where they need to be laid. Then Tommy and another of the workers would pick them up and place them at the correct spot.

While they were all working I walked down to the footbridge over the railroad tracks. Being afraid of heights, it was a scary walk for me up to the top. I stayed long enough to look back into town and get this picture.

Sometime in January (depending on the weather) the plans are to lay the rail. After that they will bring in an engine, snow plow, bunk car and caboose.

Measuring the distance between the ties. The distance for all the cars except for the engine is 24″. For the engine, because it weighs 180,000 pounds, they will close the distance to 22″.

Almost done!

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