Happy Birthday Poopsie!

It’s hard to believe that it has been 28 years since you came into our life. I remember your Dad’s first words when we found out we had a little girl–“She doesn’t stand a chance.” He was talking about how much fun your grandmother and great-grandmother were going to have with a little girl.

Another Macro and a Mill

I spent some time today going through some pictures I took last year looking for more macros. I had no clue I’d taken so many. 🙂

This afternoon my Aunt Alline called me and told me she had just seen a mill that I needed to take pictures of. She said that with so much rain that we’d gotten, it was really pouring over the dam. So when Tommy got home we headed over. It was a pretty little mill–I don’t think it’s a working one though. (Thanks Aunt Alline!)


My photography club is having a competition on Monday night. The subject of the photos is Macros. I’m trying to decide whether to submit any of these–what do you think?

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Lights from the tree. Last year we decided to throw away all of our Christmas tree lights and buy new ones. These have much larger bulbs and I love them. Of course I never think we have enough lights on the tree.

And here’s the gigantic wreath. Tommy saw this at the old Ace Hardware store. He didn’t buy it when he first saw it but came home and told me about it. I sent him right back up to the store to get it. I love it. It is so nice to sit with the fire going, the wreath and tree lights lit and feel cozy warm. Unfortunately, we are “enjoying” 60+ temperatures right now.

I love these little Sunshine Folk ornaments. We started collecting these when the kids were little. I think we have about 40 total. Each one is decorated differently–we have a ballerina, a soccer player (of course), an Indian, etc. They are probably no taller than about 2″. So little, but so cute!