All I’ve Got To Do

Tommy and I did our patriotic duty yesterday. I had read that we could vote early so we went to the North Fulton government annex and cast our ballots. We got in and out in about 40 minutes.

The day before yesterday we went and got our flu shots. My arm still hurts and I felt lousy all day long yesterday. But it’s done and I don’t need to do that again for a year. Next week I go for another scan. I’ve gotten so brave that I don’t need any drugs to help me through!

Another Wyoming Road Trip – Days 5 & 6

After the football game on Saturday, we drove up to the Snowy Range. Amanda and Evan had made reservations for us at a cabin at Little Brooklyn Lake. The following two pictures is what it looked like as we headed to the Snowies.

When we got to the cabin and unpacked, we took a short walk down to the lake. The fog/snow had begun and made for some beautiful pictures.
This was the scene from our front porch. We did not enjoy meals at the picnic table! 🙂
Bubba and Seamus had so much fun running around in the snow. Molly didn’t much like getting cold.
What can be said about this picture? Maybe cute?Since our oven didn’t work, we had to cook our sweet potatoes outside on the grill. Tommy and Evan shared the cooking duties.The O’Tooles (minus Penny who didn’t make the trip to the cabin). Pretty much the whole time Molly was outside she stayed inside someone’s jacket. She was pulled out for this family picture.Molly took over Bubba’s bed and loved it when it was right in front of the wood burning stove.We did not see much in the way of leaf color. This tree was just outside Centennial.

Another Wyoming Road Trip – Day 4

Saturday was Homecoming. We expected to be in rain/snow beginning in the morning. Thankfully, the storm due to come in was slower arriving than was forecasted. It was a bit chilly at the parade, but it was perfectly clear.

Amanda, Molly and Tommy waiting for the parade to begin. Molly did not like the parade.
Wyoming’s version of the hot tub??

The librarians and their horse carts!
And, of course, you can’t have a parade without Pistol Pete!Wyoming’s opponent for Homecoming was #16-ranked Utah. So not fair. We went to the first half of the football game. It was cold and it was windy. The wind blew at about 30 mph and gusted up to about 40 mph. Some of our entertainment during the game was watching people walking through the portals and their hats go flying. Sure wish I could have caught a picture of one of those hats.

Amanda, Kerry and Tommy trying to look like they were enjoying the game.

Even if you can’t enjoy the game, you can enjoy the view from the stadium.
Yes, this punt was blocked. And, yes, Utah scored due to the turnover. We left at halftime with the score Utah 20 – Wyoming 0.
Check out the flags flying. They stayed this way pretty much the entire time we were at the stadium.
After we got home from the game we packed up and headed to a cabin at Little Brooklyn Lake in the Snowies. More pictures to come!

Another Wyoming Road Trip – Day 3

Nothing special was on the agenda for our first complete day in Laramie. When Evan got home in the afternoon, we took the dogs for a walk around Huck Finn Pond. The sky out here is absolutely beautiful. I think I could spend a good portion of my time here just looking at the sky and the clouds.
Here’s the newest addition to the Penn-O’Toole household. Molly is 11 weeks old and is probably the cutest basset puppy I’ve seen. She and Seamus seem to really enjoy each other.

On the other hand, there are sometimes when she’s had enough! Take for example the picture below. Seamus and Bubba just wouldn’t leave her alone. She is a little sweety and likes to snuggle.

Another Wyoming Road Trip – Day 2

We got in to St. Joe about 8:30 est and checked in at the Ramada. This is where we’ve stayed numerous times on our travels out west. However, we think we will start looking for another place to stay in the future. During the night, after we had gotten Bubba settled down, Tommy was asleep and I was almost asleep, the alarm went off in the hotel. Not our room–the hotel! It took a while for them to figure out there was no problem and turn the alarm off. It went off 6 more times in about 2 hours time. Needless to say, it took a while for us to get to sleep. When I checked out in the morning and told them we were “not happy”, they weren’t apologetic at all. They did, however, give us a $15 credit–Big Smelly Deal!!

On our trip through Nebraska we decided to get off I80 and travel some 2 lane roads and visit some of the least populated counties in the US. One of which is Arthur County. I had told Tommy that when we got there I wanted to make sure I got a couple pictures of the Arthur name on signs. Terry and Chris–this one’s for you!

Now before anyone out there gets upset and reports us to the ASPCA, we didn’t kill this coyote. Someone had evidently hit it, got out of their car and slung him up over the sign. Guess this should give coyotes a message, huh?

The whole county of Arthur, Nebraska has a total population of 476. The town of Arthur’s population is 134. We had read an article in Sports Illustrated about their 6-man football team. Get this–the high school has 34 students and 19 are on the football team! Arthur also boasts that they have the smallest courthouse in the world. I took some pictures of it, but wasn’t terribly impressed.

We journeyed on to Alliance. Alliance is the home to Carhenge (see below). Isn’t it amazing what people think up to do?

Another Wyoming Road Trip – Day 1

We left early this morning to head to Laramie for the University of Wyoming Homecoming. As you can see, traveling doesn’t seem to bother Bubba at all. He slept most of the time that the truck was moving. Just hope he can sleep tonight in the hotel.
When we got past Boonville, Missouri, we headed north on Hwy. 65 to Chillicothe. We stopped at Peters Market and saw these pumpkins.

There’s a Place

Tommy and I went to the Farmers’ Market down by the Chattahoochee River this morning. I was surprised at how many tomatoes they still had.

On our way home from the Farmers’ Market we decided to stop for breakfast. What could be better than hot glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme?

Ask Me Why

No new pictures today. I really tried to get some this weekend when Gracie and George came to visit. Bubba and George get along pretty well but Gracie is just not used to having a puppy bug her all day long! Anne and Cleg picked them up about 5:00 yesterday and Bubba was pooped!

Bubba went to the vet today and got neutered. Poor baby. We just got him a bit ago and he is lying down on the sofa next to me–asleep. I hope that he’ll be able to sleep well tonight.