Girls’ Road Trip – Day 4 – Tuesday, September 9

Before we left St. Michael’s, I had to get a picture of this for Amanda and Evan. I bet they wish they had one of these.Our next stop was Chincoteague, Virginia. Sue loved the name of this inn, so we decided we should stay here. I loved the way the room was decorated! Once again, we had to go eat–yep I got crab soup again. It was the best of the entire trip. If you’re ever in Chincoteague go to Bill’s–it was delicious!The reason we had decided to go to Chincoteague was so we could see the wild ponies of Assateague. This was supposed to be a sunset cruise. Unfortunately, they’d had a lot of rain and it was still cloudy. No picturesque sunset for us!
And the only wild ponies we saw were in a corral next to the hotel. It was an enjoyable cruise though. We saw from afar two eagles–one bald and one golden. This guy rode up on his Harley as we were waiting to get onto the boat for our cruise. Is he not the funniest thing with his goggles?
We got up Wednesday morning and headed back home. It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip. I especially love driving the non-interstate roads.

Thanks Anne and Sue for going with me!

Girls’ Road Trip – Day 3 – Monday, September 8

After eating breakfast and checking out of our hotel, we headed to Babe Ruth’s Birthplace. This should have been a fairly easy thing to do, but we got turned around a bit. Anne’s GPS kept trying to get us to turn the wrong way on a one-way street. And those of you who know me and love me know that I’m not the best map reader. 🙂 But, we found it!

Here is Sue checking out some of the information on Babe Ruth. Kerry and Anne at the front door.
If Julian and Tommy had been with us we would have probably been there most of the day. Since they were not there, we were able to leave and make it to Annapolis for lunch. I had never been to Annapolis and enjoyed it very much. I would like to go back and spend a couple of days. We took a water taxi to lunch at Carrol’s Creek Cafe. Lunch (for Kerry included crab) was really good, but dessert was scrumptious!

The view from our table at lunch.

Looking down toward the bay.We left Annapolis and drove to St. Michael’s where we checked into the Old Brick Inn.

Dinner was at the Town Dock. Yes, I had some more crab!

Girls’ Road Trip – Day 2 – Sunday, September 7

On our drive from Fredericksburg to Baltimore we took a side road and found a wonderfully picturesque church and cemetery. St. Ignatius Catholic Church

Although you can’t see much of it, that’s the Potomac River beyond the cemetery. A very nice woman who had come to church to attend mass gave us a quick tour in and around the church. One of the neatest things about the inside of the church was each kneeler had a needlepoint cover on it. This was such a beautiful area.

A few miles past the church we found Port Tobacco.

The Port Tobacco Schoolhouse.

When we got to Baltimore, we stayed at the Renaissance Harborpoint Place.

We had a great view of the harbor from our 7th floor room.We took a water taxi to take us to Fells Point for lunch. Lunch was at the Riptide by the Bay. Sue had to wear a bib while eating her crab, scallops, mussels, shrimp, corn, etc.!! Since we had eaten a late and very large lunch, we decided to go to the Irish Pub across the street from our hotel for a snack. We sat out on the deck and enjoyed this view:

Let It Be

Not to be outdone by Penny the Cat, Bubba was protecting his family from a bug flying around in the kitchen. Unfortunately for Bubba’s family, he is not quite as quick as Penny the Cat (note the beagle nose is at the floor–note the bug is about a foot higher than his head.)

You Like Me Too Much

Not much has been happening around here lately. Bubba and I went down to the park at the Chattahoochee River the other day so I could take some pictures. This fella was very interested in us and not at all afraid. Bubba, on the other hand, didn’t much like it when the goose walked toward us!

It’s official! Tommy has grown the hottest jalapenos in town. When the family was here, Joe and Hall decided to eat some of the peppers. They both took two bites and admitted that those were the hottest they’d ever eaten. I could swear I saw tears in their eyes!

I’ve Got a Feeling

Hall has a new job and has moved to Greenville. Tommy and I drove to Greenville yesterday and dropped off some things at the new apartment. Then Tommy and Bubba drove up to Balsam Grove. Hall and I went to WalMart to get some things he needed and then followed the boys to Balsam Grove. Since Hall still had some things at Scott’s house he went into Brevard, packed up and drove back to Greenville. This morning Tommy, Bubba and I went back to Greenville to drop off Hall’s washer and dryer and a desk. Sara came by with lunch–yummy BBQ!
And, look what I found growing all by itself in the back yard (is it the front yard??) in Balsam Grove! This is the prettiest Turk’s Cap Lily that I have ever seen. We’ve never seen one on the property in BG before it was the only one.

Glad All Over

Bubba spent two weeks with his favorite cousins George and Gracie. His Aunt Anne and Uncle Cleg took him on boat rides and put him in his very own life preserver.
He had so much fun going on walks with Uncle Cleg and George and playing with George and Gracie that he collapsed at night.
He was so glad to be home where he’s an only child–can you tell?

Road Trip – Day 14

We got up and got on the road. Breakfast was at McDonald’s (they have pretty good biscuits). Nothing exciting nor interesting on the drive home. South of Nashville we got into some rain and there were stormy skies from there into Chattanooga. We finally arrived home about 6:30 p.m. after driving over 3900 miles.

We had such fun and want to thank Amanda and Evan for putting up with us!

Road Trip – Day 13, Monday, July 28

Happy Anniversary Amanda & Evan!!

We left Amanda’s and Evan’s house about 6:20 a.m. to head home. It was sad to leave them, but I’m not sure any of us could have stood much more fun! We stopped at McDonald’s to get breakfast and head on down the road.

This is the not-fun part of the Road Trip–going home. We made it to Columbia to spend the night. The clerk at the hotel recommended a steakhouse for dinner. It was not good.