I love Spring in NC!

This is a flame azalea right before it opens. It reminds me of little baby bird heads looking for something to eat.
Here’s one of the purple rhododendrons Tommy and I bought two years ago. It’s the first time we’ve been able to see it bloom. It is so pretty!

Another update!

We only have the crown moulding to add and then we can put the furniture back in. Of course there still is some bit of touch up to be done. (This picture sure makes the breakfast room look really, really tiny.) The fabric on the chair is what I found to cover the seat cushions.

We’re getting closer!

Tommy really is working here–not just sitting on his butt! This one piece of beadboard had to be glued to the wall and not nailed. So after gluing, he had to hold the beadboard to the wall for 15 minutes. Mind you, he wasn’t complaining.
We still need to put up the base moulding, toe moulding and chair rail. At some point (probably not till after the bridal shower) we will put up the crown moulding too. I will probably get to do the touch up painting this weekend and start putting furniture back in.

I still haven’t been able to capture the right color of the walls here. All in all, I’m pretty pleased!

More Work

We’ve been doing a lot of work, but it doesn’t look like we’ve accomplished much yet.

Here’s the new dishwasher that didn’t work when it was installed. 🙁 We had to wait for the service guy to show up. When he did it only took him 15 minutes to fix the darn thing.) I can now open the drawer next to the sink without opening the dishwasher!! Yay!
The Before (with the ugly yellow, older-than-Hall floor):The After (the paint on the wall isn’t pink–think chocolate milk with a bit of pink). We will be putting beadboard up the same color as the trim.