Here Comes the Sun

Here’s one of the remaining trees with color in Brevard. We had to go into town to the grocery store a few days ago and found this tree in the parking lot.
It’s been pretty cold up here and I’ve been enjoying all the fires. And speaking of fires, Tommy got a burning permit on Friday. He burned some of the scrub down the hill.

Julian and Sue arrived yesterday. Today we’re going to Dugan’s Pub for lunch and then Sue and I are going shopping.

I’ll Follow the Sun

We received good news from the doctor last week. The results of my latest MRI showed no significant change–YAY! We expected the best news would be this with another scan due in 6 months. Nope–I don’t have to have another for 12 months. YAY!

Since we’ve not been able to spend any time in BG this fall, we decided to spend a couple of weeks here at Thanksgiving time. Yesterday Hall came up and spent the night with us. We walked down to the river to take some pictures. None of my river pictures looked any good, but I thought you might enjoy this picture of the BG valley. It’s amazing how different it looks from down at the river. We were supposed to get some snow flurries last night/this morning but did not get any. They are forecast for tonight as well. I was really hoping to have some snow pictures to compare to our O’Toole buddies’ snow shots!

All Things Must Pass

Tommy and I took a ride up to Amicalola Falls yesterday. While on the way, we saw this old house and stopped to take a few pictures. I love old barns and houses!

The falls were OK, but not fantastic. But it was a nice drive and the sky was an amazing color of blue–that is until we returned to civilization. I’m wondering why we are still here in “civilization”.


Here’s who Tommy and I support in the election tomorrow! Somehow I think we’ll be in the minority in our voting. And, unfortunately I’m afraid that who will be elected will come to be known as the “taxman”. Thank you, Amanda, for our t-shirts.

I Forgot to Remember to Forget

On Friday night, Tommy and I attended a Homecoming party for Georgia Tech Kappa Sigs. It’s always fun to talk with some of these guys that attended GT with Tommy.

My cousin Sue and I went with the photography club on Saturday to Anna Ruby Falls. I had never been there before. While the area was pretty, we’ve got more spectacular falls around Brevard. I was really disappointed that we did not see much in the way of Fall colors. I did enjoy spending the day with Sue though.
We stopped on the way home (just outside Helen) to take some pictures of a pretty little church. Across the road was a field of cows. I don’t think Sue needs to quit her day job, but if she does she might be able to get a job calling cows! 🙂 She started calling to them and a bunch of them came right up to the barbed wire fence where we were standing. Here’s my favorite:

All I’ve Got To Do

Tommy and I did our patriotic duty yesterday. I had read that we could vote early so we went to the North Fulton government annex and cast our ballots. We got in and out in about 40 minutes.

The day before yesterday we went and got our flu shots. My arm still hurts and I felt lousy all day long yesterday. But it’s done and I don’t need to do that again for a year. Next week I go for another scan. I’ve gotten so brave that I don’t need any drugs to help me through!

Another Wyoming Road Trip – Days 5 & 6

After the football game on Saturday, we drove up to the Snowy Range. Amanda and Evan had made reservations for us at a cabin at Little Brooklyn Lake. The following two pictures is what it looked like as we headed to the Snowies.

When we got to the cabin and unpacked, we took a short walk down to the lake. The fog/snow had begun and made for some beautiful pictures.
This was the scene from our front porch. We did not enjoy meals at the picnic table! 🙂
Bubba and Seamus had so much fun running around in the snow. Molly didn’t much like getting cold.
What can be said about this picture? Maybe cute?Since our oven didn’t work, we had to cook our sweet potatoes outside on the grill. Tommy and Evan shared the cooking duties.The O’Tooles (minus Penny who didn’t make the trip to the cabin). Pretty much the whole time Molly was outside she stayed inside someone’s jacket. She was pulled out for this family picture.Molly took over Bubba’s bed and loved it when it was right in front of the wood burning stove.We did not see much in the way of leaf color. This tree was just outside Centennial.