Road Trip – Day 7, Part 2, Tuesday, July 22

Amanda made it to the top of Medicine Beau Peak…….
and so did Seamus!
On our way back into Laramie that afternoon, we were greeted by these skies.
It’s a bit hard to see from this picture, but there is a second (or as someone told me, a “ghost”) rainbow above the more visible one. I have never seen this before.
Everyone was tired when we got home.

Road Trip – Day 6, Part 2, Monday, July 21

When I was 10 or 11 (really don’t remember) my dad and I went to Steamboat Springs. Being the “city” girl that I was, evidently I didn’t have the appropriate clothes for spending time on a ranch. So Dad and Aunt Ellie took me into town to buy me some jeans at the western store, F. M. Light.
Here’s Uncle Don’s house. Steamboat Springs is a beautiful town–except for all of the condos/apartments going up for the skiing crowd. It is no longer the old cow town that I so fondly remember. As I’ve said several times, another era is passing. Vikki told us that there are few family ranchers there now. So, I think I’ll just keep remembering it as it was when I was there at 10 or 11 years old.
On our way home from Steamboat, we stopped in Walden when Amanda saw this sign. Of course we had to have a picture of it.Also on our way home, Tommy wanted to stop at the beginning of the Rails to Trails to find some “souvenirs” from the old railbed. As we were walking and looking we heard this really loud “moo” on one side of the road. There were answering “moos” from the other side. This brown cow evidently was looking for the rest of the party. She came up on the road and stood and looked at us before going on her way.

Road Trip – Day 6, Monday, July 21

Tommy and I got up Monday morning and headed over to the old Mesa Schoolhouse. This school was built in 1916. Uncle Don attended school there in the 1930-1940 time frame. As I was walking around the school, this little guy came up to see what I was doing. Tommy said that cows are as curious as kids.
This schoolhouse is just about 1/4 mile from the old Lufkin homestead.
Vikki and Kerry with Vikki’s dogs. We’re sitting on the back porch of Uncle Don’s house. See the fishing pond in the background? Vikki said that Uncle Don positioned his house so he wouldn’t have to see the “monstrosities” being built behind him.

Vikki, Amanda and Kerry.

Road Trip – Day 5, Sunday, July 20

Steamboat Springs here we come! Evan started out on his bike about 5:45 a.m. He was going to meet us in Walden. The rest of us got a later start. We were packing Amanda and Evan’s car and Tommy realized that one of the tires was low so we switched over to the truck. Because Evan was making good time and we were later starting, we actually caught up with him at the intersection of Highways 14 and 40 in Colorado. He decided he wanted to go ahead and ride into Steamboat Springs–a total of 122 miles! The last few miles was coming down from Rabbit Ears Pass at speeds up to 45 mph–on a bike. This reminded me of a story that my Uncle Bob told about when our family, including Uncle Bob, moved to southern California. On our way we stopped in Steamboat Springs to visit with my Uncle Don and Aunt Ellie. Uncle Bob said, “…my brakes overheated and I came down the Mt. at 55-75 MPH. I finally rolled to a stop about a half mile from the ranch. I got all sorts of dirty looks from the people I passed on the way down. But you know what, I couldn’t have cared less, I was still alive!”

When we got into town I called my cousin Vikki as she was going to take us to Uncle Don’s house on the ranch to spend the night. We then went downtown for some lunch and shopping. I found this flower growing outside of a shop there. The thing I like about it is that it has a blue center.
It’s kind of hard to be serious about shopping when you have this following you:
This is Uncle Don’s fishing hut. This is just to the side of his house and sits just yards away from the fishing pond.

Road Trip – Day 4, Saturday, July 19

Tommy, along with Amanda and Evan, finally got to ride the Rails to Trails on Saturday. Tommy and Evan rode the complete 20 miles. Amanda stopped at the halfway point so she could spend some time with me.

This was along the road to pick the guys up.

Lake Owen was the stopping place. These old guys looked like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves fishing.
For those of you who don’t know, the Rails to Trails is an old abandoned railroad bed that has been made into a bike trail. It’s about 35 miles from Laramie to where they started the ride. Tommy enjoyed the first 10 miles immensely. He said that portion was very scenic with ponds and beaver lodges.

Before we left for the bike ride, Amanda and Kelli (her neighbor and former roommate) had a Garage Sale. They got rid of lots of stuff and made some good money. It’s amazing what people will buy. But, thank goodness they did that day!

Road Trip – Day 3, Friday, July 18

We spent the night in McCook, Nebraska on our second night out. We enjoyed a thunderstorm that rolled into town about the same time we did. Dinner was at the Taste of Texas BBQ and was really good. Friday morning we took off towards Laramie.

When we got to Sterling, Colorado, we saw the following sign. Enough said!

As we traveled through Sterling we saw something we had not seen in quite a while–someone using a pay phone.
Somewhere in Colorado we saw wheat being harvested. These machines are huge!
We arrived in Laramie about 2:00 local time. We unpacked and took Seamus out of his crate. Although at first look, Seamus wasn’t sure about us and hesitated about coming out. Evan got home and then we picked up Amanda from her work and headed to the Farmers’ Market. While there I finally got a picture of a sunflower like I’d been looking for. I guess they don’t grow them this big in the fields–not that I ever found a field of sunflowers. :(

Road Trip – Day 2, Part 2, Thursday, July 17

This is one of the first “volunteer” sunflowers we saw along the side of the road.
Note the bee on this sunflower–he is covered in pollen.

Doesn’t this sunflower have a neat pattern in the center?
Some people live a long way off the paved road. And the paved road is a two lane road which was about 60 miles from the interstate.This is another abandoned home on the high plains of eastern Colorado. Note you can’t see anything around the house. It was really out in the middle of nowhere!

Next post will be about the Rails to Trails bike ride (Tommy and Evan rode 20 miles, Amanda rode 10 miles and Kerry was dogsitter and shuttle driver). We head to Steamboat Springs today to see one of Kerry’s cousins and, hopefully, her Uncle Don.

Road Trip – Day 2, Thursday, July 17

After spending the night at our usual hotel–Ramada–in St. Joe, we ate breakfast at Shirley’s Dinner Bell in Troy, Kansas.
We saw this church in Kansas and liked the way it looked.

Another neat building we saw. Note the safe outside on the sidewalk. Guess there was nothing in it!
We saw this truck for sale. Initially, we thought it said the price was $67.00. We turned around to see it better and saw the price was really $767.00. We thought possibly Marc would like to buy it.
This is a beautiful wildflower that we thought was a dandelion. While it may be, it was about the size of a baseball. It really was very pretty.
A picture of Tommy and Kerry at the geographic center of the United States. How many of you can say you’ve been there? By the way, road ended right here!
A really neat, but abandoned old house in northeast Colorado. It looked like someone of means owned this house at one time. The cows still like it.

On the drive through Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado we say lots of corn growing. I kept looking for fields of sunflowers (Kansas being the Sunflower State), but only saw some volunteers on the side of the road in Colorado. I’ll post some of those later.
We wound up in McCook, Nebraska at the Holiday Inn Express. Dinner was at a Taste of Texas BBQ and had a really good dinner.
Day 3 coming up as we arrive in Laramie.