Road Trip – Day 2, Part 2, Thursday, July 17

This is one of the first “volunteer” sunflowers we saw along the side of the road.
Note the bee on this sunflower–he is covered in pollen.

Doesn’t this sunflower have a neat pattern in the center?
Some people live a long way off the paved road. And the paved road is a two lane road which was about 60 miles from the interstate.This is another abandoned home on the high plains of eastern Colorado. Note you can’t see anything around the house. It was really out in the middle of nowhere!

Next post will be about the Rails to Trails bike ride (Tommy and Evan rode 20 miles, Amanda rode 10 miles and Kerry was dogsitter and shuttle driver). We head to Steamboat Springs today to see one of Kerry’s cousins and, hopefully, her Uncle Don.

Road Trip – Day 2, Thursday, July 17

After spending the night at our usual hotel–Ramada–in St. Joe, we ate breakfast at Shirley’s Dinner Bell in Troy, Kansas.
We saw this church in Kansas and liked the way it looked.

Another neat building we saw. Note the safe outside on the sidewalk. Guess there was nothing in it!
We saw this truck for sale. Initially, we thought it said the price was $67.00. We turned around to see it better and saw the price was really $767.00. We thought possibly Marc would like to buy it.
This is a beautiful wildflower that we thought was a dandelion. While it may be, it was about the size of a baseball. It really was very pretty.
A picture of Tommy and Kerry at the geographic center of the United States. How many of you can say you’ve been there? By the way, road ended right here!
A really neat, but abandoned old house in northeast Colorado. It looked like someone of means owned this house at one time. The cows still like it.

On the drive through Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado we say lots of corn growing. I kept looking for fields of sunflowers (Kansas being the Sunflower State), but only saw some volunteers on the side of the road in Colorado. I’ll post some of those later.
We wound up in McCook, Nebraska at the Holiday Inn Express. Dinner was at a Taste of Texas BBQ and had a really good dinner.
Day 3 coming up as we arrive in Laramie.

Take Good Care of My Baby

Those are the words for Anne and Cleg as they take Bubba for us while we go on our Wyoming Road Trip.

As you can see from this picture, Bubba is a very talented Beagle. He has 3 chew toys in his mouth (his record is 5). We fully expect by the time we get back from our trip that Bubba will add to his talents. Hopefully he will learn how to play well with others, go for boat and kayak rides and maybe even swim. Well, maybe not swim, but float with his new life preserver his Aunt Anne bought for him.

Thank you Anne and Cleg. We know he couldn’t be in better hands! :)

We went down to Brevard for the 4th of July celebration and saw this little guy checking out one of the antique cars.
When we returned to BG, I took the camera out for a little bit and got this shot of one of our daylilies.
Sara and Ed came up to the house Friday afternoon. They brought with them some good steaks and really good wine. So with the steak, wine, hash browns and Tommy’s blackberry cobbler we were stuffed!

Hall came up on Saturday morning and joined us all for bacon and french toast and for a group picture.

We had originally planned on heading home tomorrow, but may decide to spend one more day here. It’s so nice to be away from the heat and traffic of home.

Mother Nature’s Son

We are back in Balsam Grove. The weather is gorgeous. I got a little chilly last night and we woke up to 54 degrees. Hard to believe it’s July 3rd!

We plan to go to the arts and crafts festival in downtown Brevard tomorrow. Sara and Ed are planning on meeting us there and then following us back to BG. They will spend the night and then go back home on Saturday.

JC and Cathy are also here. They went into town today to the big used book sale. Cathy does like her books. :)

I sure wish I was going to see some fireworks tonight. I can’t remember the last time I saw some. Tommy said that he hopes no “idiots” try to set some off around here since it’s so dry.

I’m Looking Through You

We ate our first tomato from the garden last night. It was so yummy! Unfortunately, it was a fairly small tomato so we didn’t get much. I’m dreaming of tomato and bacon sandwiches–can’t wait!

I got my new camera strap. It is so cute! It actually matches a pair of Tevas that I have. Won’t I look cool when I’m out and about with my camera??

Also, for those of you who haven’t seen, I got a haircut. I’m liking it a lot, but think I want the back to be a bit shorter and more angled.

I Feel Fine

Here’s the view from the deck. It has been absolutely beautiful here, although we could use some rain.
JC, Cathy, Brenda and Dave (JC’s sister and brother-in-law) came up on Saturday. We had a nice time visiting with them. After they left on Sunday, Tommy and I were pretty lazy.
Yesterday, we went up on the Parkway in the search of wildflowers. We have not had much luck with timing this year. We missed the rhododendrons earlier and we’re too early for the Parkway flowers. Maybe we’ll see some next week when we come up to celebrate the 4th of July. We did stop by Sliding Rock and were a bit surprised to see people sliding. It was pretty cool and the water had to have been really cold.


Well, we had enough of the heat and traffic of home and decided to return to the mountains. We got to Balsam Grove around 1:30 today and it was in the mid 70’s. Lovely weather!

As we were enjoying a dinner on the deck, Bubba got stung by one or two yellowjackets. If it wasn’t so pitiful it would have been funny watching him. Poor thing ran in circles crying. After a few minutes of that he would go lay down. Then all of a sudden he’d get up and start chewing/scratching where he was stung and go a little wild. I finally gave him a Benadryl and he is snoozing now.

Yesterday I got some good news–my cholesterol has dropped quite a bit. I guess that goes with the weight I’ve lost.

Here’s a picture from last week when Anne, Cleg, George and Gracie came and visited: